Achieving High Quality Standards Through Diligent Construction Management

As one of the largest private owners of distribution space in the country, Heller Industrial Parks, Inc. takes great care in delivering the highest quality to their tenants and partners. This commitment to excellence begins during construction and includes thoughtful design and careful attention to detail that ensure their spaces stand the test of time and deliver value for tenants. As the construction manager for the company’s Heller Park project in Dayton, NJ, the Penntex team stewarded two buildings totaling 1,056,416 square feet from concept through completion.

Managing Complex Soils

To mitigate the impact of the high sand content in the site soil, the paving base coat was completed early during initial sitework phases. This helped ensure a stable, clean site throughout construction and ensured seamless access and efficient material staging.

Architectural & Design Customizations

To achieve the design and functional vision for these unique buildings, the Penntex team worked closely with the team at Heller Park, remaining flexible and ensuring thoughtful attention to detail to achieve building customizations including:

  • Perimeter columns were integrated as load bearing elements for the structural steel.Because of this, the precast panels were utilized as non-structural building envelope components.
  • Valves for the sprinkler systems were installed in the ceilings, with chains integrated for opening/closing, versus the more standard lower installation location.
  • Dock equipment customizations included oversized doors for openings, custom-made track guards and steel-reinforced support plates for bumpers.
  • Custom stainless-steel sinks were incorporated as part of tenant improvements.

Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

Securing electrical subpanels, the fire pump, and fire pump control panel required early planning and coordination to avoid major delays resulting from industry-wide supply chain disruptions.

Strategic Coordination & Sequencing

Managing the cadence of construction across this large-scale two-building site required strategic coordination with on-site client superintendents and subcontractor partners. Open communication and collaboration were at the heart of maximizing value and quality.

From a commitment to remain flexible and adaptable to meet client needs to a stringent focus on quality and delivering an exceptional client experience, the Penntex commitment to Building Better powered project success through every phase of construction.

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Location: Dayton, New Jersey
Owner: Heller Industrial Parks, Inc.
  • Warehouse & Distribution
Square Footage: 1,056,413 sq. ft.

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