Global Packaging Taps into Long-Standing Relationship with Penntex to Drive Value Through Company Growth

At Penntex, our Building Better promise is rooted in developing lasting relationships with the clients we serve built upon trust, transparency, and a commitment to deliver exceptional value. This is the type of relationship we are honored to hold with Global Packaging, a leading North American printing and converting company that provides innovative packaging solutions for a range of diverse industries. What began in 2008 with a facility expansion project has grown into a 15+ year partnership with a team we are honored to work alongside.


25,000 sq. ft. Expansion | Oaks, PA

In 2008, the Penntex team was introduced to Global Packaging. The leading polybag and printed film manufacturer was seeking a construction partner to build a 25,000 square-foot pre-engineered addition onto their current headquarters in Oaks, Pennsylvania. Our expertise in manufacturing construction, our adaptive approach, and transparent communication from start to finish resulted in the project being delivered on time and on budget, creating a positive experience and establishing a solid foundation for future collaboration.


125,000 sq. ft. New Facility Construction | Phoenixville, PA

Ten years later, Global Packaging’s operations were flourishing, and the company needed additional space to accommodate growth. Penntex was honored to get the call to lead construction of the new 125,000 square-foot facility designed to house both manufacturing and office operations. Tapping into our existing relationship and knowledge of Global Packaging’s operations, we were able to drive value through every phase of construction from early budget planning through ensuring the final facility was optimized for equipment installation.


100,000 sq. ft. New Facility Expansion (Under Construction) | Phoenixville, PA

Today, the Penntex team is honored to be working alongside Global Packaging once again to complete a strategic expansion of the new Phoenixville, PA facility constructed in 2018. When the team called upon Penntex early in the planning phases of this large-scale project, we took seriously our responsibility to help evaluate the best expansion path (new facility, addition, etc.). From cost analysis and feasibility evaluation through visiting a sister company’s operation in North Carolina to inform strategic facility design planning, Penntex was honored to support the Global Packaging team every step of the way. The new addition, which is currently under construction, includes unique features such as changes in roof elevation to accommodate the company’s specialized manufacturing equipment and a 10,000 square-foot mezzanine.

We are grateful for the trust Global Packaging places in our team to be their partner through the company’s ongoing growth and expansion. Members of our Penntex project leadership team have been part of the journey across all three builds. This continuity delivers tremendous efficiencies, ensures we can deliver exceptional value and has led to one of the best partnerships we are honored to share.

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Location: Oaks & Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
Owner: Global Packaging, Inc.
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
Square Footage: 250,000 sq. ft.

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