May 19, 2020

A Message From Penntex President, Jim Hoolehan

Hello Partners,

During these unprecedented times, I hope you, your family and team are staying safe and healthy. As we have navigated the ongoing changes over the past several weeks, working together to protect our community, one theme has continued to come to my mind again and again: gratitude.

I am grateful for our team and their resilience and adaptability as we work together to keep each other healthy, while continuing to deliver the excellent service our clients have come to know us for.
Throughout the mandated closures across Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we maintained active job sites as allowed by waivers and essential work exceptions. We have also had the opportunity to fine tune our safety protocols in alignment with all CDC, OSHA and state regulations including:

  • Daily attendance and health screenings are conducted each morning;
  • Social distancing and wearing masks are enforced with a zero tolerance policy;
  • We have increased the number of handwashing stations and sanitizer dispensers at all sites; and,
  • All job sites have a Pandemic Safety Officer who is responsible for ensuring compliance with all measures.

Our team is vigilant and committed to keeping each other and all of our clients, vendors and partners safe.

I am grateful for our clients.
We work with great people at great companies and their continued trust in the Penntex team has allowed us to weather this storm and maintain our excellent financial strength during the shutdown. We are grateful for our long-term partners as well as those new clients who have placed their trust in our team.

I am grateful for our vendors and industry partners.
Working together we have been able to continue to advance the Penntex mantra of Building Better, through open lines of communications and a shared focus on doing what’s right.

I am grateful for technology.
Our company commitment to technology meant we were prepared to shift the way we worked in the office and field without disruption. Our move to more remote working was seamless. Tools like our leading-edge project management system, ProCore were enhanced by our integrated phone and video solutions and online accounting system. We were able to seamlessly conduct business remotely from day one.

Now that construction restrictions are lifted and job sites are open, we are excited to be back to work on an even broader scale. Throughout the pandemic response, I am proud to say we have been able to maintain our full staff level, while remaining financially strong. We know our team is what makes us great and I’m thankful we have been able to retain all of our amazing talent through all of the changes.

Our new business and bid activity are strong and we are looking to the potential the future holds to continue to grow and evolve to meet the needs of our clients and the industries in which they work. We know changes in domestic manufacturing, cold storage, warehousing and distribution are on the horizon as the United States shifts production to shore up our nation’s security and health safety. These are markets where our team excels and has extensive experience and we will be there to help our clients advance and evolve as our nation responds and recovers.

If you need construction support, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help with projects that may come from unexpected demands or disruptions. Whether large or small, you can count on Penntex to step in and help get the job done.

As we adapt to ongoing changes in the way we work and collaborate, we look forward to the day we can meet again in person, but are here to help in the meantime with anything you need. We are grateful for your continued trust and partnership and I invite you to reach out to me directly ( if you have any questions.

Stay healthy and well.

Your Partner,
Jim Hoolehan Electronic Signature
Jim Hoolehan, President
Penntex Construction