Strategic Collaboration Leads to Successful Upgrades in a Fully Occupied and Operational Cleanroom Environment

Wedgewood Pharmacy, a leading veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor of pet medications, tapped Penntex for the unique task of completing multiple crucial plumbing and handwash station upgrades within a secure sterile area of their New Jersey facility. Delivering success on this project required strategic phasing and close collaboration with intensive attention to detail and adherence to strict security measures. Because operations within the cleanroom environment could not be offline at any time to complete the construction process, the challenge level of this relatively small-scale project was significantly elevated.

  • Carefully Phasing the Project Timeline to Minimize Disruption to Workers
    To ensure Wedgewood Pharmacy’s operations could continue throughout their facility, including in and around the construction area, the Penntex team mapped out a multi-phased approach within an expedited timeline focused on minimizing disruption. Phase one work involved the installation of new plumbing and sink fixtures in a packaging area and hallway. Phase two work, which presented the most challenging physical space to navigate, involved expanding and replacing plumbing and fixtures in the pharmaceutical compounding area.
  • Adhering to Strict Facility Access Protocols to Maintain Security
    Pharmaceutical cleanrooms are highly regulated, and strict adherence to maintain required standards was critical. Throughout the entire project, the Penntex team complied with PPE standards and adhered to all facility access and sanitation protocols. Maintaining negative air pressure at all times meant relying on air scrubbers and HEPA filtration to meet air quality control requirements. Additionally, our team created a very compact “air bubble” to work within and safely isolate construction to ensure operations in the compounding area could continue throughout the project.
  • Responding to an Expanded Project Scope Mid-ProjectAs the Penntex team worked, it was determined that eyewash station installations would be needed in each upgraded handwash station, which represented an expansion of the original project scope. Close collaboration between our team and the client allowed this mid-project addition to be accommodated without extending the expedited timeline.

Creating customized solutions that consider the unique needs of each client and project is at the heart of the Penntex approach to construction. We are grateful to the Wedgewood Pharmacy for their trust in our team and processes to ensure project success.

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Location: Swedesboro, New Jersey
Owner: Wedgewood Pharmacy
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
Square Footage: 3,550 sq. ft.

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