At Penntex, our commitment to deliver excellence for our clients through every phase of construction is built on a foundation of accurate and transparent budget planning and management. Our estimating team is the front line in setting every project up for success. Whether we are helping a client assess the viability of a potential transaction, or mapping out the granular cost details for a confirmed new build, we focus on delivering value and accuracy every step of the way.

Developing Accurate Conceptual Estimates to Guide Early Planning & Decision Making

Many clients and developer partners are faced with major financial decisions surrounding new project viability with limited information to use in evaluation. At Penntex, we help deliver a clearer, more accurate picture of costs through a proven conceptual estimating process that results in accurate projections to guide informed decision making.

As properties and opportunities come to light, our team of estimating specialists gathers available information about the specific tract of land and site plans (which is often very limited) and goes to work amassing insights and real-time cost data from similar builds executed across Penntex’s expansive project portfolio. The resulting conceptual estimate delivers an accurate cost snapshot that includes all aspects of the project from anticipated sitework and roadway improvements through utility work and vertical construction completion. Though these estimates are based on assumptions and more limited information, we stand behind their validity as a benchmark to evaluate project viability and understand the magnitude of what they mean as part of the decision-making process. We also recognize that in most cases time is of the essence as transactions are under consideration. Our team keeps current, accurate cost data at their fingertips to ensure conceptual estimate requests can be accommodated quickly and with precision. And every request is delivered as a free value-added service to support partner decision making.

Building Trust through Detailed Estimating and a Transparent Open-Book Approach

When it is time to dig into the details to create a final project estimate, accuracy and a dedication to transparency merge with the Penntex commitment to provide solutions that will help maximize value for the clients we serve. The estimating team’s ability to tap into real-time cost data from Penntex’s diverse project portfolio, coupled with their firsthand experience in project management and connections to a trusted and vetted subcontractor network and material supplier pool, power the creation of insightful and detailed estimates our clients can count on.

At Penntex, our open book approach to project cost management and reporting begins in estimating and continues through every phase of construction. From the start, all project costs, including labor, materials, insurance, project management fees and more are itemized and exposed for easy client visibility. We track progress and report across each key area, so clients know where their budget stands at every turn with no surprises.

Each quarter, our Penntex estimating team creates an overview cost outlook that is provided to clients upon request. The outlook offers a top-level picture of construction costs based on current material and labor costs. As the material supply and pricing landscape continues to shift, we use this resource as a guide in planning conversations. If you have questions about an upcoming project, get in touch. Our team is here to provide insights to help guide the planning process.